8623 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123

"This place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who want to build up true endurance. The staff here are extremely friendly and really care about the members at the gym. The trainers here will really get you motivated and will push you to strive the be the best at anything you do. -Rafael N. - Rafael N.

"I'm addicted! I got the $25 Groupon Deal for a month and I thought that I'd go maybe a couple times, but I managed to get myself to go 3-5 times a week for the month! I love it here, the vibes are great, the people are great and the instructors are always pushing you to work hard while helping you with technique along the way! Would definitely encourage anyone who is considering this place to stop in and try their free class, I'm sure you'll want to come back. The Groupon Deal is absolutely worth it! - Angeline Y.

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I love coming to this place. I always wanted to learn boxing, muay thai, and jiu jitsu without embarrassing myself. I tried a few other gym before coming here, but they were filled with too much ego-- especially from the students. I felt like I was on the karate kid movie! The vibe here at this gym is always positive! i started off with a free pass, then group-on, and eventually signing up! Everyone is here to workout, have fun, and learn new fighting styles. - Jericho S.

"I was able to try out this gym for a month through a Groupon Deal. I like the idea that gyms let people try it out before committing to a membership. Art of 8 is a great gym. Spacious and clean. I've been to other boxing gyms and it can get grimey. There is a parking lot out front as well. Everyone at the front desk is super helpful and even help you wrap your hands (you have to wrap your hands before putting on the boxing gloves). You definitely want to purchase your own wraps. They have boxing gloves on loan as well if you haven't purchased your own to bring to class. I mainly took the kickboxing and boxing classes in the afternoon. It was always a full class. They have rows of punching bags for classes and had plenty of room to have us doing frog jumps, burpees, crunches, etc. I took classes taught by Melchor, Nez and Calvin. All great instructors. All very challenging. Calvin had us doing an Indian run one day outside. It's where we all run in a line and the person in the back sprints to the front. We basically kept that going all around the whole block. I just about died! I'm not quite at that fitness level but I was pushed to finish the task. Sometimes you need that push. You will definitely leave this place sweating like a pig and smelling like a dog. It's a tough workout. Besides where I worked out, there is treadmills, a boxing ring, a weight room and additional space for the other classes like Muay Thai. They have lockers,restrooms and showers as well. - Ivory N.

"I moved away from San Diego 10 months ago, but up until the day I left, I was at Ao8 every day for hours. The friendliest, cleanest gym I have ever been to. I liked the place so much that it made it difficult to commit to my move from the area, and now that I have been away at other gyms, it just makes me realize how much this gym stands out as THE best I have ever encountered. Ricky, the manager, is an awesome dude, and really fun to get in the ring with, even though he mopped the floor with me, haha. Always enthusiastic about training and fitness. Calvin and Danny were awesome, personable coaches and taught me a lot in a short time. Towards the end I was mostly into the boxing, but the Muay Thai classes were excellent as well. They even have a No Gi JJ class (or had, I have not been by in a long time) I really cannot recommend this gym enough, if you have your doubts, go take a free class and I am confident you will be sold within the hour. - Alfredo O

"I've been meaning to write a review for this place since I started going a year ago! This place is amazing. Not only is the staff extremely friendly, helpful, welcoming, but so are the members. There's no "I'm better than you look how hard I can punch" attitudes here, everyone helps each other and roots each other on, no matter what your level of fitness is. The instructors make you feel a part of the family and I'm amazed how they remember almost everyone's name that walks through the door. I've even had ones tell me the progression they've noticed with me during the classes - they truly care about their members and making sure they reach their top fitness potential. The facility is gorgeous - always clean, never smells, the locker rooms are spacious and plenty of locker space. I never worry about leaving my stuff in the locker room because their lockers let you input your own code to open it. They'll definitely need to expand soon with how popular this place is getting, and I'm so happy for them because they deserve it! The afternoon gets packed, which just shows how good this place is, so I prefer the morning times. I've gone to "boxing" and "kickboxing" fitness classes before and was always frustrated with how slow pace it was....not this place! The classes are meant to get you in shape and will get you sweating within the first 15 minutes. They still encourage people to go at their own pace with no judgement, so if you're just starting out you'll still be able to get your workout in. The personal training sessions are so worth the money. Calvin is the perfect balance of "tough love" motivation and support and understanding. He revolves our sessions together around areas he knows I need improvement, and I use the fitness classes as ways to continue the training we do. What's amazing is how much I've transformed - physically and mentally - because of this place. I'm in the best physical shape of my life, I know I can defend myself if needed, and my self confidence is the best it has ever been! Come join the Ao8 family, you'll be so happy you did! - Liz C

"I love this gym!!! I enjoy the kickboxing classes. I also have a personal trainer named Dustin and he is awesome. I feel stronger every time I train and am learning kickboxing. I would recommend this gym to anyone, even people who have never done martial arts before, everyone is supportive and encourages each other to do their best. - Sarah M.

"Even though I've never done any type of boxing before and the classes are challenging for a novice like me, I can truly say I'm enjoying this 1000%. The instructors are very helpful during class and even with only 3 classes under my belt I feel I've learned so much. I'm loving it - Mayra F.

"This place is amazing the instructors are great and the workouts can be done at your own pace but you are gonna get a great workout every time and learn fundamentals and fighting techniques that can take you to that next level... I just started last week and I will be around for a long time... Thanks Art of 8!!!! - Tashombe B

"Wow, I can't believe I've never written a review for this place! San Diego is a mecca for combat sports and the level of instruction/quality at many gyms in the area is pretty high. That being said, this gym easily ranks in the top 3 in San Diego for striking instruction. You'll be taught by former world champs and current pro fighters. Now if you're not into actually fighting but fitness is more your thing, they have you covered there as well. The variety of fitness classes they have is ridiculous. Don't believe me? Come check out the gym after work one day. The place gets so packed sometimes classes have to be run outside. They're seriously going to need to expand soon! And the place is ALWAYS clean. It's never dirty or smelly here. A rarity with fighting gyms. (That's a sad reality.) But the best part is the staff and the members. Everyone here is friendly and personable. Really. There are no big egos or testosterone filled alpha males in this gym. Lots of smiles and laughing amongst the kicking and punching. That's hard to find with this type of gym and the staff works hard to keep it that way. I've been traveling a lot for work lately and have worked out at similar gyms around the country. Now that I have that perspective, I can't tell you how lucky I am to be a member here. This place is truly a one of a kind place. They have the perfect blend of fighting and fitness here. Give this place a shot, I guarantee you won't regret it. - Nolando T

"Just got home from my first class at Ao8. At first, I was a little intimidated but everyone at the gym is so friendly. I took kickboxing with Nez Zamarono. She's so intense (haha) but I learned a lot from her and she's really good at what she does. I'm also pretty impressed with the facility. It's super clean and it's a place where I could see myself going to for years to come (hopefully). I can't wait to take more classes with different teachers and see how they conduct their classes. I'll update my review after I attend more classes. Overall, I'm a happy member. FYI: There's also plenty of parking. - Criselle O

"I have been going for 4 weeks now. Intense.....but well worth it! I have had classes with Nez, Mike, Oleaun, and Mel.....love them all. Mike by far is the most intense. But I love how he shows you how to do the technique the proper way but he goes HARD LOL!!! Love the staff very friendly. - Tangie L

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