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Chris Aguilar

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Chris Aguilar grew up in Cleveland, Tennessee. Like many, Chris struggled with being bullied growing up. In high school Chris discovered wrestling and used that as a healthy outlet for growth and camaraderie. With dedication and hard work he progressed quickly. In 2010, Chris was a state champion wrestler in Tennessee. In college, he continued his career as a Division 1 wrestler for University of Illinois. Chris is currently an amateur MMA fighter and trains Jiu-Jitsu. He shares his passion for wrestling by teaching kids and helping others on their fitness journey. His goal as a trainer is to build strength and self confidence because he knows it is possible for everyone.


  • 2010 State Championship Wrestler
  • D1 Wrestler at UI
  • Amateur MMA Fighter

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"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I love coming to this place. I always wanted to learn boxing, muay thai, and jiu jitsu without embarrassing myself. I tried a few other gym before coming here, but they were filled with too much ego-- especially from the students. I felt like I was on the karate kid movie! The vibe here at this gym is always positive! i started off with a free pass, then group-on, and eventually signing up! Everyone is here to workout, have fun, and learn new fighting styles.

Jericho S.

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