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Cardio Boxing & Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing Classes for All Experience Levels

Our cardio classes consist of the arts of boxing and kickboxing but with a heavy emphasis on bag work, endurance and conditioning. We at Art of Eight believe that excellent conditioning is a major key to success in any martial art. When it comes to cardio kickboxing in San Diego you can rest assured that Art of Eight is the best. Our cardio classes are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise and the martial arts world or you are a fitness veteran you can participate at your own pace. There is no better place for cardio boxing in San Diego.

The Cardio Training Facility

We have a large open facility ideal for cardio boxing in San Diego as it features full length windows so members can see the beautiful weather from anywhere in the gym. Along with the open layout and full windows there are 28+ heavy bags available to ensure that everyone can enjoy a good sweat and fun workout. The open training areas are frequently cleaned and sanitized to maximize safety and peace of mind of our members. Our cleaning policies are leagues above industry standards and are a major point of pride for us and our members. There are no gyms that are as sanitary as Art of Eight when it comes to our cardio kickboxing classes in San Diego.

Our Classes

The kickboxing and boxing classes themselves are group classes that utilize high cardio kickboxing & boxing class in San Diego intensity circuit training which is a highly effective anaerobic exercise for general conditioning and fat loss. Our trainers all have many years of experience in training and competitions which they bring to the cardio classes. The kickboxing and boxing classes are formatted like this:

  • Warm ups. Anything from calisthenics to running and jump rope to plyometrics.
  • Bag Work. The class is brought to the bags to work rounds on the heavy bags where the instructor will lead you through simple boxing and kickboxing combinations.
  • Conditioning. Rounds are broken up with circuit training which can be exercises such as mountain climbers to burpees to jump squats.
  • Core Strengthening. The finale of the class is core strengthening as the core is where all the power and effectiveness are transferred through the striking surfaces. This format makes Art of Eight the best for cardio kickboxing in San Diego.

Art of Eight Cardio Kickboxing Classes in San Diego

Art of Eight is the premier gym for cardio boxing in San Diego, our combination of intense training and supportive atmosphere make for an enjoyable and high achievement experience. Whether you’re trying to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance or working to lose weight, our classes for cardio kickboxing in San Diego are the most effective. We can help you along every stage of your fitness journey so start training today. Sign up and try a free class!

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