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Boxing Training & Lessons for All Experience Levels

Boxing is one of the oldest martial art disciplines, dating back to the ancient Greeks. Modern forms of boxing come from Great Britain in the 1800s where the Marquess of Queensberry Rules (the basis for the rules of boxing today) were formed. If you would like to become part of the tradition, Art of Eight is the premier gym for boxing lessons in San Diego. Boxing is for people of all ages, skill and fitness levels. Whether you are an experienced boxer looking to hone your striking and footwork, or a beginner looking for a fun and challenging new sport, Ao8 has the best boxing training in San Diego.

The Facility

Our large spacious facilities include a full sized boxing ring for training, partner work, and sparring. As with the entirety of our gym the training areas are cleaned after every class to ensure everyone can enjoy a clean and safe training environment. You can rest assured that you are training in the most hygienic conditions because we are committed to providing the best experience and atmosphere possible for boxing training & lessons in San Diego.

Boxing Training & Lessons at Ao8

Our trainers are the best in San Diego due to their wealth of experience both boxing training & lessons. Among our ranks, we have Danny Perez, a former North American Boxing Federation, United States Boxing Association, and World Boxing Organization champion ready to help you reach your fitness and boxing goals. Our experience and training expertise ensure that you will have a safe, challenging and effective workout while learning and using the proper form and technique. Experienced trainers are the one of the most important factors when judging the quality of lessons in San Diego.

Experience Boxing

Boxing is one of the most effective weight-loss exercising programs due to its intensity Boxing Class in San Diego and variability using the whole body. Every class is a different and unique experience which keeps your body guessing and maximizes the effectiveness of your workouts and training. Many of our members like our training because of the discipline and support provided by both staff and other members. We are here to help you every step of the way on your health and fitness journey.

For beginners looking for boxing lessons in San Diego, we have multiple levels of boxing classes to get you started. Our focus is on core strength and overall conditioning while utilizing proper form and technique. Once students have a grasp of the basics they can into the more advanced classes where we dive deeper into techniques and partner work. This prevents injury to make sure you have a fun, safe workout. A class includes:

  • Warm Up. Some calisthenics and shadow boxing to awaken the muscles and joints for technique training.
  • Partner Work. The instructor will demonstrate the proper execution of a technique and divide the class into partners to perform the technique. The instructor will walk around and give individualized guidance to students so they can develop better form, balance and execution.
  • Conditioning. Techniques will be divided up by rounds of conditioning drills such as pushups, situps, squats, etc.
  • Cool Down and Core Strengthening. The class ends with core strengthening exercises which help to condition the muscles that deliver power to strikes.

The classes are formatted in such a way that everyone can work at their pace and fitness level. All of the trainers and instructors are supportive, friendly and encourage all members to be that way as well. Our aim is to make sure everyone can enjoy boxing training in San Diego, learn in a comfortable environment and receive individualized instruction so each student can improve. This is what makes Art of Eight the best place for boxing training & lessons in San Diego.

Why Art of Eight For Boxing Training & Lessons

The search for quality boxing training in San Diego can be hard, but we make it a lot easier. Art of Eight will help you take your training to the next level. If you are new to the San Diego boxing scene, we let you try classes for free! When you consider price, experience, class availability, and environment, Art of Eight is the best choice for boxing lessons in San Diego. Check out our schedule and come in for your free class today!

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