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Trainer Spotlight: Melchor Menor

Learn From One of the Best Muay Thai Trainers in the Business: Coach Mel

melchor_menor_bigThere have been a variety of events, people and circumstances that have lead Melchor Menor to Art of Eight today. We sat down with Coach Mel to discuss his journey as a fighter, coach, family man and entrepreneur and here is what he shared with us.
Success does not happen overnight and for a fighter, they must find role models and trainers early in their career to mentor them on the road to success. When asked, “who are the most influential trainers you have had in the past?” Mel said:

 “First and foremost it was Steve Mazzagatti.  He is currently a well-recognized referee in the UFC, but he was the one who first ‘discovered’ me.  He instilled in me the principles of discipline and hard work.  I carry those principles with me to this day and I am very appreciative of the lessons he taught me early in my career.”

“The second person is Arjarn Yodtong.  Arjarn recently passed away, but what I learned most from him during my time in Thailand are the principles of compassion and kindness. These two principles seem to be at odds with a fighting discipline, but they both actually exist in harmony with one another. Compassion as  fighter is probably one of the greatest lessons I ever learned in Muay Thai. It has served me extremely well in my career and personal life.”

Besides being one of the best muay thai trainers in the world, Mel is no stranger to high profile accomplishments, including being the WKA Super Elite Class World Champion from 1994-1997 and the WMTF Muay Thai Champion in 1997. But even with these incredible professional accomplishments, the highlights of his life are his wedding day, his children (whom he enjoys going to Costco with on the weekends), and opening Art of Eight Training and Fitness. “Ao8 was the culmination of a life long dream and I am thrilled to be not only an ambassador for muay thai, but also to help my students and gym members achieve their fitness goals.”

Mel has been on a mission to make Art of Eight different from other gyms in San Diego. He says, “professionalism, cleanliness and a fun family atmosphere are the key to a successful gym” so, “we focus on health and fitness before we focus on any of the fighting techniques. In fact, we have more members with stated fitness goals than we have members who actually want to learn how to excel at boxing or kickboxing.  That being said, for those who want to learn an actual skill, we feature championship level trainers at the national and international level for our members to learn from.  Also, we really stress cleanliness at our gym and we put a tremendous amount of resources into keeping our gym as clean as possible.”
One of his favorite Bruce Lee quotes is: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Using this as a guide, along with his decades of experience, Mel has put together his top 3 training philosophies for Art of Eight Training and Fitness:
1. Perseverance to try hard and then try even harder to surpass your goals
2. Open-mindedness to trying new techniques and new experiences (both in the gym and in the real world)
3. Discipline to excel
Coach Mel’s vision, determination, passion and perseverance have made him one of the most recognized and popular muay thai trainers in the business but even though he has appeared on shows like Stan Lee’s Superhuman he is very much human in the way he balances his busy schedule: “I actually really don’t balance my schedule that well. In fact, if anyone reading this has figured it out, please hit me up on Facebook and let me know how you do it.”
Thanks Mel!


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