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Staying Motivated

An Interview with Ao8 Trainer, Mark Dominice, on Staying Motivated

At Art of Eight Training & Fitness Center, we pride ourselves on offering fitness classes that are always fun and never boring. Even though the workouts are tough, you should be having fun and looking forward to your next class. However, sometimes you may feel like you need that extra “push” to get into the gym and stay focused on your fitness goals. That’s why we asked Ao8’s master level trainer, Mark Dominice, to impart his knowledge and wisdom about the best ways to stay motivated and excited about your workout and fitness goals.

Be Realistic

According to Mark, the first step to keeping motivated is to be realistic with your workout goals and with yourself. “You must first accept where you are currently and move forward from there.”
Starting a workout regimen and expecting to see immediate dramatic results in your body is a huge threat to staying motivated in the gym. People get frustrated when their body doesn’t change in response to the workouts and frustration inevitably leads to a loss of motivation. Setting a realistic goal that is personalized and easily attainable is essential to any successful workout plan. So how can you tell if your goal is realistic? The answer is that every body is different, but the general rule is that you should expect to lose anywhere from one to three pounds of body fat per week.

Change your Mindset


Sitting on the couch and watching TV is easy. Busting your butt for 1 hour hitting and kicking heavy bags and doing burpees is hard (actually it sucks). But “nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…” Mark actually didn’t say that, Theodore Roosevelt did, but Teddy might as well have been talking about Ao8’s classes (he actually was an avid boxer who suffered from asthma). The fact is that it’s easy to build up a negative attitude toward fitness and practicing a healthy lifestyle because it’s hard. However, as Mark mentioned, “people often forget that they can do it and that they should do it. Your negative mindset does not have to be your reality.” And it’s true. Even if you are at a physical disability, your potential to be your best self is boundless. So what do you do if your only availability to exercise is early in the morning or late at night? Mark suggests that you find inspiration within yourself and again, be realistic. “Shift your focus on quality, not quantity.” He furthers his point that you do not need to go to the gym everyday to be healthy, and suggests focusing on your diet and the little steps in between that you take to be healthy throughout the day.

Add Variety

So, maybe you already have a set regimen but are beginning to get bored with it. In this case, adding variety into your daily workout routine is not only a refreshing motivator but it also is a beneficial resource to your body. As Mark recognizes, “Art of Eight does an extraordinary job in keeping variety within our gym. From our classes offered, to the workouts within those classes, to the diverse trainers to choose from, as well as the equipment available, it is difficult to be unenthused.”

All Hail the Social Media

Yes, social media can actually improve your fitness. As Mark recognizes, there is a lot that can be gained from following health and nutrition blogs and enthusiasts online. Whether it’s a group on Facebook, an advocate on Instagram, or even a local blog, the Internet offers an array of motivating images, information, quotes and recipes. “Social media offers a sense of community, not competition […] and that can be very inspiring because it helps one to realize that they are not the only one on a health and fitness journey.” So get on Facebook and Twitter and start following healthy and active people and groups.

About Mark

Mark Dominice is an enthusiast and an expert on keeping a healthy balance in life. He has over 22 years of experience in personal and strength training, conditioning, bodybuilding, athletic performance, and coaching. This includes experience as a TRX trainer, powerlifting trainer, yoga and pilates instructor, marathon and triathlon trainer and injury rehabilitation. Some of his other qualifications include a certified ACE personal trainer, ACSM personal trainer and a wellness coaching certificate with ICF. With such a diverse background Mark has the knowledge and experience in bringing new workout routines that will keep you motivated no matter what stage of training you’re at.


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