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Member Profile: Sherwin Jocosing

To see the life-changing effect Ao8 provides its members you need look no further than Sherwin Jocosing.  After being referred to Ao8 three years ago, Sherwin’s life has dramatically shifted in many positive ways.  In fact, Sherwin says that he is stronger than he has ever been in many ways:  mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  “I am falling in love with myself all over again…I am constantly growing and I get to define myself and become a better man than I have fathomed to be.”

Sherwin knows all too well that getting the results you want does not happen overnight.  He knows this all too well before because Sherwin has lost 101 pounds since he joined Ao8.  He says that the weight loss has not only improved his healthy, but that his entire moral compass has shifted since he joined Ao8 and that, most importantly, he is finally being honest with himself.  He explains that he was able to achieve his long-term goals by breaking his goals down into smaller goals.  “Achieving these small goals creates momentum and once you start seeing results, you keep wanting to see more results…challenge yourself each day to go further than you did the day before.  Compete with yourself and you will win!”

Sherwin Jocosing

In tribute to his weight loss, another Ao8 member suggested to Sherwin that he make a bucket list for every pound lost.  With 101 items to check off his list, Sherwin completed one of his challenges by getting in the Ao8 boxing ring at SparFest and competing.  After multiple one-on-one private training sessions with Ao8’s very own Coach Danny Perez (a former multiple time boxing champion), he says he was ready to compete and represent in SparFest.  Participating in the boxing match was a very exciting moment for Sherwin as he competed in front of friends and colleagues. Although he felt prepared going into SparFest for the two, two minutes, he says that:  “At one point my lungs were on fire…I started the match really hyped up. Two minutes goes a long way.”

Sherwin’s general workout routine at Ao8 is truly inspiring.  He routinely attends Ao8 seven days a week…although he says that he has recently been taking Sundays off for football season.  He has not only improved his health by losing weight, bettered his cardio, and improved his boxing, but he has become a welcome part of the Ao8 family.  He says that has met life-long friends in Ao8 classes and enjoys the great people that the gym routinely attracts.  Although he spends a lot of time improving his fitness level at the gym, Sherwin finds plenty of time to enjoy things outside the gym as well.

Ao8 wants to take a moment to acknowledge Sherwin and his accomplishments.  We know that our gym can inspire people, but in this case, Sherwin has truly inspired all of us.


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