Art of Eight Training and Fitness Center


I saw AO8 when they opened about a year ago, so when my 15 yr old son mentioned that he wanted to start kickboxing I knew exactly where to start looking. My son is your typical teenager: negative, argues about everything, lacks motivation, won’t clean his room, won’t do his homework, etc… He also struggles w/self esteem and has a difficult time making friends.

My son has been attending AO8 now for about 4 weeks and the change in him has been amazing! These guys are the real deal. We have tried so many things to get my son engaged and interested in besides video games; and I have to admit that I never thought that it would be something that takes such physical dedication to do the trick. In literally just 2 weeks time he was thinking more positively, more happy, NO arguing over homework, excited to be at the gym, and he’s lost weight!

The staff is wonderful, treating him like family. They encourage him to do his homework, get good grades, and to physically push himself so that he can see what he’s capable of. I LOVE AO8! As far as I’m concerned, finding this place was a God send for my son. Also, the trainers are complete professionals in their field. The facility is phenomenal with all state of the art equipment. There’s so much energy with the motivating music and of course the people. I’m told that my son never stops dancing :)

Once you’ve had AO8, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Kim G., Yelp

What I love about this place most are the gym members, ownership and TRAINERS! Calvin is an awesome fitness trainer! Give his kickboxing class a go – it’ll seriously get your heart racing and lungs aching…You’ll find that this gyms energy is addicting and you won’t regret it!

Chelle F., Yelp

Extremely professional group of trainers… The gym is VERY clean and the staff is always smiling and ready to greet you with a positive attitude and encouragement. The location of the gym is also very central San Diego, right off the 163 and balboa. Tons of parking right in front of the building!

Wendy E., Yelp

The staff, well let’s just say that I have been to a few gyms and by far the AO8 staff are the best.

Michael R., Yelp

The thing I love most about this gym is that it isn’t pretentious, and everyone is down to earth and willing to do anything to help each and every member.

Adam A., Yelp

The ironic thing is that this gym was referred to me by the muay thai coach that i took a free one week lesson with at black house. he suggested that I try Art of Eight because he personally knew the instructors here and that the location would be ideal.

Alex S., Yelp

If you value expert level instruction with competitive but friendly training partners, a respectful community, a ‘family’ atmosphere, class sizes that allow your instructor to actually see you work, then this is a place you want to be.

C.J., Yelp

Everyone is welcome, no matter what shape you’re in, how old you are, or whether you’re new or expert.

Rebecca S., Yelp

The team of trainers that have assembled here are known for their quality, integrity, passion for what they do, and top-notch skills and class.

Michelle R., Yelp