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Muay Thai - Training for All Skill Levels: Beginner to Professional

Muay Thai, also known as the art of eight limbs due to the fact that it utilizes a combination of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet in striking. It is a highly effective stand up style that started in 16th century Thailand as an art of war and has become popular as a ring sport. In recent years, due to the efficiency and effectiveness for both close quarters fighting and clinch work, Muay Thai can be learned as an art, sport or for fitness and is for people of all ages, fitness and experience levels; whether you are a first time student or an experienced veteran, there is a class for you. When it comes to Muay Thai in San Diego Art of Eight is the clear choice with former and current champions helping you develop your skills and take your game to the next level.

The Muay Thai Training Area

Our spacious 8,000 square foot facility features bright full windows around the entire gym and designated training areas for each specialization. Every area is held to the highest standards of cleanliness with each area being cleaned and sanitized after every class resulting in clean and safe conditions. Included in this facility is a full padded mat area for Muay Thai technique training and a full sized boxing ring for sparring. All of the features of our premium facility ensure that you will have the best experience and training with Muay Thai in San Diego.

Our Muay Thai Trainers

Learn and let our world champion instructors help you get to the next level. They are very knowledgeable and experienced with years of competition and training under their belts. Our trainers include Mike Lemaire, a current fighter in Glory, K-1, WCK and WBC who has won titles and brings his ring experience to the gym to help members develop their skills. Mike trains under our head instructor Mel Menor, who is a multi time world champion and WCK Hall of Famer and has a long resume that includes the top organization in the world. Mel has trained many fighters in organizations such as Strikeforce, UFC, K-1, WCK, and has also trained many celebrities. When it comes to Muay Thai in San Diego Mel is the authority making Art of Eight the premier Muay Thai destination. His vast experience and knowledge is shown in all of his classes and training sessions, whether it’s helping a beginner learn the fundamentals or helping a veteran sharpen their skills for their upcoming fight.

Experience Muay Thai in San Diego

Aside from being a highly effective martial art, Muay Thai is also an incredible full body016 workout. Every major muscle group is involved in the execution of the strikes and techniques as well as being specifically targeted by the strength and conditioning exercises. Each class is an hour and a unique experience with a group format in which everyone can work at a pace customized for their fitness levels. A class includes:

  • Warm Up. calisthenics and running to wake the muscles up and ensure they are ready for training to increase effectiveness and prevent injury.
  • Partner Work. Then the class typically moves into pairs where the instructor will demonstrate a technique that you and your partner will then practice on each other. While these pairs are practicing the instructor will walk around and give guidance and advice to each student to ensure proper form, balance and execution of technique is being performed.
  • Conditioning. Mixed in the partner work will be drills and exercises to help keep the body guessing and work on conditioning.
  • Cool Down Core Strengthening. The classes will end with a cool down/burn out where core strength is emphasized.

Our trainers and instructors are very friendly and supportive as are your fellow members and students. Part of the Art of Eight culture is to make sure that everyone is comfortable and supportive in the gym. This personalization of classes and training makes art of Eight the place to come for Muay Thai in San Diego. We’re here for you on every level of your training experience and fitness journey.

Muay Thai Classes

This class is designed for members who have little or no experience in boxing, muay thai or MMA.The focus of this class is proper execution of technique, balance and how to maximize the effectiveness of striking. This class provides the foundation for students’ ultimate progression to advanced classes, such as the novice and pro classes. Heavy bag, shield work and partner drills are emphasized.

This class is NON-CONTACT. Students who demonstrate proficiency will be invited to attend the novice class.

Unlike the 101 class, the focus of this class is partner-based work, including practicing defensive and combination striking techniques with another student. Soft to medium contact is expected in this class (you may be a little sore, but you will not go to work the next day with bruises or a black eye!).

* Equipment is needed to participate in this class: 16oz gloves (or MMA gloves), shin pads, and groin cup are REQUIRED. Mouthpieces are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

In this class, you will undergo the same training and instruction as a professional fighter.The focus of this class will be the development of fighting tactics and strategy. Students will also be subjected to “impact drills” designed to condition the body to become hard and resist pain from strikes. Light to heavy sparing is required.

*Students must obtain instructor permission before advancing to the Pro class. Equipment required.

Personal training matters. At AO8, all of our trainers have accumulated a wealth of experience and have undergone extensive training.

Our Personal Trainers are skilled at ensuring all of our members meet and exceed their fitness goals and expectations. You will find that our Personal Trainers are committed to partnering with you to achieve your goals, which practically means that they genuinely care about your health and well-being.

Prices for personal training vary per session depending on the number of sessions purchased, so please see an AO8 Manager for additional details.

Why Art of Eight

The search for Muay Thai in San Diego can be challenging but with Art of Eight you can rest assured that you have found your next gym. We can help you get to the next level with our experienced trainers and techniques. Meet your fitness and training goals with challenging classes. Try a free class and start training today!

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